one of the 7 Core Skills of a Possibility Manager

    NOTE: This website is a doorway to StartOver.xyz the massively-multiplayer online-and-offline personal transformation game. It is an invitation to experiments to try that upgrade your thoughtware so you can create more possibility. Your thoughtware is what you use to think with. When you change your thoughtware, you go through a liquid state as your mind reorganizes itself. Liquid states can bring up uncomfortable feelings and emotions. By upgrading your thoughtware you build matrix to hold more consciousness. No one can do this for you. No one can stop you from doing it. Our theory is that when we collectively build one million more Matrix Points we will change the morphogenetic field of the human race for the better. Please choose responsibly to read this website. Reading this whole website is worth 1 Matrix Point. Doing any of the experiments below earns you additional Matrix Points. Please use Matrix Code BUNHOOKA.00 to log your Point for reading this website.





















  • Being unhookable is one of 7 core skills of a Possibility Manager and one that will change your life. When you are hooked, you go to sleep. Your Box defense strategy and your Gremlin defense mechanism get triggered. Then under a survival imperative, the jump up run your life instead of you. 

      It can be useful to distinguish the four types of hooking mechanisms to be able to deal with each of them in their particular way. Being unhookable is an identity-shift, not a skill that you can 'master'. 

      1. Button.
      2. Hook.
      3. Trigger.
      4. Trauma.
    1. The Art of Being Hooked

      To get somewhere else than where you are, you first have to know where you are. Probably, you are still hookable. Are you hookable from hooks, buttons or triggers?

    2. Ways For Being Unhookable...

      ...each is a set of skills to practice, over and over.

    3. 100 Ways for Being Unhookable

      We've got you top notch experiments!


      Matrix Code for StartOver: BUNHOOKA.01 to BUNHOOKA.20

      1. Shift Identity to something else than your Box identity (for example: a Possibility Manager or an Archetype)
      2. Keep a small Now
      3. Keep a small Here
      4. Keep a small You. Let the past go into the past.
      5. Go Non Linear
      6. Hold your energetic cloth to the side
      7. Have a meta-conversation
      8. Spin your energetic body
      9. Be your Bright Principles in action
      10. Use Disk of Nothing
      11. Do Queen/King Making
      12. Use appreciation
      13. Unmix your emotions
      14. Start a meaningful conversation. Play offensive.
      15. Decontamination your Adult ego state.
      16. Put you point of origin in your Adult ego state.
      17. Use your Voice Blaster against the voices.
      18. Have your Gremlin sit at your side.
      19. Make black holes.
      20. Stellate your feelings.


      Matrix Code for StartOver: BUNHOOKA.21 to BUNHOOKA.40

      21. Keep your Sword of Clarity out at all time.

      22. Make boundaries.

      23. Use reality check questions.

      24. Make no assumptions

      25. Make no expectations.

      26. Heal your resentments.

      27. Become a Trigger Hunter (for Triggers).

      28. Distinguish Bullshit and Nothing.

      29. Lower your Numbness Bar.

      30. Say "I feel mad/glad/sad/scared about... because..."

      31. Create High Drama.

      32. Make interesting offers.

      32. Hold space (without being an emotional bin).

      33. Remember your own death.

      34. Make distinctions.

      35. List your Box 50 characteristics.

      36. Find out which brains need what.

      37. Do Dragon Speaking.

      38. Create 10 new options to choose from.

      39. Be clear about whose problem it is.

      40. Be centered, bubbled, grounded. First position.


      Matrix Code for StartOver: BUNHOOKA.41 to BUNHOOKA.60

      41. Ask for coaching from the person who hooked you.

      42. Get out of your mind, let your Heart speak.

      43. Get out of your mind, let your Being speak.

      44. Be radically honest about being hooked with your Gremlin pay off.

      45. Thank them for hooking you. They just gave you gold.

      46. Change the direction of your Grounding Cord and let Gaia inform you.

      47. Do brain surgery on yourself.

      48. Go for a Journey into the Mountain.

      49. Connect to a Tree and ask for its advice.

      50. Find 3 things important for you and be one of them.

      51. Reach into your bag of things and pull out something

      52. Tell them 'I have a story about you...'

      53. Sing a tune from a Broadway Musical

      54. Investigate - explore what is so.

      55. Eat Bardo Special.

      56. Take your shoes off and give yourself a foot massage.

      57. Take one of your sock off and tell a nonlinear story.

      58. Carry your Possibility Stone.

      59. Shift from verbal reality into experiential reality.

      60. Be radically honest about your fear of connection.


      Matrix Code for StartOver: BUNHOOKA.61 to BUNHOOKA.80

      61. Wear your archetypal talisman as a gateway.

      62. Ask for what you want and which parts of you wants.

      63. Complete incomplete emotions (Button).

      64. Check your current state of action against your life mission.

      65. Pull the rug out under your certainty.

      66. Put your Box on the side (Box is optional).

      67. Let your Box be hooked and you are not.

      68. Have clarity about Fair/Unfair conversations.

      69. Ask for Possibilities to your Team.

      70. Use Is-Glue Dissolver.

      71. Use Is-Glue consciously.

      72. Use your Gremlin to detect other people's Gremlin

      73. Use your Gremlin to shift space.

      74. Have a 'do-over'.

      75. Distinguish between feelings and emotions.

      76. Cleaning your Bubble of Personal Space.

      77. Negotiate new deals.

      78. Take Radical Responsibility.

      79. Be your Archetypal Lineage in action.

      80. Be Nothing or Everything.


      Matrix Code for StartOver: BUNHOOKA.81 to BUNHOOKA.99

      81. Use Gap in Identity (No identity)

      82. Use Gap in Time (Timelessness)

      83. Use Gap in Space (Nothingness)

      84. Use Gap in Knowledge (Not Knowing)

      85. Use Gap in Sound (Silence)

      86. Use Gap in Gameworlds (No Rules)

      87. Spin your Energetic Body.

      88. Accept the offer and go to the highest possibility.

      89. Use your Wand of Declaration to create.

      90. Use your Possibility Paint Brush to paint doorways.

      91. Use your Spring Screen to clean the space

      92. Use your Possibility Stone to remind yourself where now is.








    4. More Experiments

      (SPARK161.00) SPARK 161 - When you lose the empty space of silence in yourself you are already hooked.

      (SPARK010.00) SPARK 10 - Between the outer world (sights, sounds, physical sensations, smells, experiences, relationships, external conversations, etc.), and the inner world (concepts, memories, reactions, images, internal conversations, etc.), there exists a thin space of freedom called the gap.