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  • The Art of Being Hooked

    To get somewhere else than where you are, you first have to know where you are. Probably, you are still hookable. Are you hookable from hooks, buttons, triggers, voices, physical imbalances or unhealed traumas?

    Being unhookable is one of 7 core skills of a Possibility Manager and one that will change your life.


    When you are hooked, you go to sleep. Being hooked is being captured by your Box’s mechanical reactivity and your Gremlin defense mechanism getting triggered. You lose the possibility of choosing from alternative options.


    Being hooked cuts you off from the flow of the universe and forces your Box to run your life. The Box is a dead machine, so when you are hooked you lose your sentient multi-dimensional relatedness and turn into a robotic slave. This explains how people can soldier in the name of corporate agendas, fight religious wars, or replace self-exploration and service with daily financial desperation.


    There are two hooked states to detect: hooked from the inside, and hooked from the outside.


    Being hooked from the inside is when your empty space of silence is filled to the point where you become convinced of your own monologue (in technical terms: when you believe your own bullshit). This is when people join the ranks of the walking dead, when parents turn fanatical, or when consumers and employees accept being brainwashed. When you get innerly hooked you have no empty space to use for shifting into other possible ways of being.


    Being hooked from the outside is when your empty space is crushed by your Box’s survival reactions to external stimuli (in technical terms: when you believe their bullshit). Your Box’s neurotic reflex tramples your free inner space and discards it like a wadded up piece of litter. When you get outerly hooked you lose the silent inner emptiness out of which to generate nonlinear ways of behaving.


    In both cases, under a survival imperative, your Box and Gremlin jump up and run your life instead of you.


      Therefore, it is useful to distinguish the six types of hooking mechanisms to be able to deal with each of them in their particular way. The six types of hooking mechanisms are:

      1. Button.
      2. Hook.
      3. Trigger.
      4. Trauma.
      5. Voices.
      6. Physical Imbalances.
    1. Become Unhookable, the art of being hooked, starter.xyz, Possibility Management
      Become Unhookable, Emotional Reactivity, startover.xyz, Possibility Management
      Become Unhookable, Emotional Reactivity, startover.xyz, Possibility Management



      'Be that which nothing can take root in.'


      - Lee Lozowick





    3. Ways For Being Unhookable...

      ...each is a skill to practice, over and over.

      Become Unhookable, Ways for Being Unhookable, startover.xyz, Possibility Management
    4. 100 Ways for Being Unhookable

      We've got you top notch experiments and practices for you!

    5. 01-24 Experiments for Being Unhookable

      We've got you top notch experiments!

      Become Unhookable, Numbness Bar, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.01: Lower your Numbness Bar.

      The hint that tells you that your numbness bar is high is that you do not even notice that you are hooked until hours, days, maybe months after the incident that hooked you. During those hours, days or months, you were hooked and out of the present without noticing it, and therefore without a choice about it.


      Lowering your numbness bar makes you more sensitive to when you are hooked or even about to be hooked so that you have a choice about being hooked or staying unhookable.


      Once a day, for an entire week, take 20 minutes for yourself and bring your Beep! Book along. Go through your interactions of the day, one by one and check thoroughly how and what hooked you in your interaction.

      What is the tone of their voice?

      What is the word they used?

      What is an idea of them? an old story that you've heard too often?

      What is the voice in your head telling you 'you were not good enough, not smart enough to talk to them' or maybe 'you are too busy and too brilliant to spend time with those people'?

      What is their physical appearance?

      What is the story that you have about them?

      Write clearly and descriptively your hook and the emotions that came with it (anger, sadness, fear or joy). Keep your Beep! Book around and start paying attention to when those particular hooks take you out (they will more often than you think!!).

      The sooner you can notice the hooks, the less time you have to be hooked. Lowering your numbness bar one step at a time, one hook at a time, creates in you an awareness of the sensation of being hooked. Soon, you will notice that sensation before you let your Box and Gremlin get hooked and that is when you have the real choice: to stay awake, present and loving or to go in survival. It is a choice worth working for.

      Become Unhookable, become centred, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.02: Be centered.

      Become Unhookable, become grounded, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.03: Be grounded.

      Become Unhookable, your bubble of space, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.04: Be bubbled.

      Become Unhookable, completion loops, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.05: Do Completions Loops.

      Become Unhookable, 4 feelings, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.06: Say "I feel mad/glad/sad/scared about... because..."

      Become Unhookable, conscious anger, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.07: Make boundaries with Conscious Anger.

      Become Unhookable, sword of clarity, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.08: Keep your Sword of Clarity out at all time.

      Become Unhookable, Distinctionary, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.09: Make distinctions.

      Become Unhookable, 18 boxes, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.10: List 50 characteristics of your Box.

      Become Unhookable, Story World, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.11: Create 10 new options to choose from.

      Become Unhookable, make no assumptions, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.12: Make no assumptions

      Become Unhookable, withdraw expectations, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.13: Withdraw expectations.

      Become Unhookable, heal your resentments, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.14: Heal your resentments.

      Become Unhookable, Bullshit Detector, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.15: Distinguish Bullshit and Nothing.

      Become Unhookable, 5 Offers, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.16: Make interesting offers.

      Become Unhookable, 2 Dramas, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.17: Create High Drama.

      Become Unhookable, Hold Space, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.18: Hold space (without being an emotional bin).

      Become Unhookable, Memento Mori, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.19: Remember your own death.

      Become Unhookable, Trigger Hunter, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.20: Become a Trigger Hunter (for Triggers).

      Become Unhookable, Map of 4 Brains, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.21: Find out which is your dominant brain and which brains need what.

      Become Unhookable, Dragon Speaking, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.22: Do Dragon Speaking.

      Become Unhookable, problem ownership, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.23: Be clear about whose problem it is.

      Become Unhookable, Vacuum Learning, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.24: Use reality check questions.

    6. 25-45 Experiments for Being Unhookable

      Become Unhookable, Voice Blaster, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.25: Use your Voice Blaster against the voices.

      The voices are actually not in your head but just floating around you. The instant you listen to those voices, you believe them and automatically you are hooked out of the present in some swampy storyworld. Most probably, you know the swamp...

      Become Unhookable, unmix emotions,  startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.26: Unmix your emotions

      Become Unhookable, Stellating, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.27: Stellate your feelings.

      Become Unhookable, Gremlin Hunter, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.28: Have your Gremlin sit at your side.

      Become Unhookable, Red Cloth, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.29: Hold your red cloth to the side

      Become Unhookable, 5 Bodies, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.30: Spin your energetic body

      Become Unhookable, use appreciation, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.31: Use appreciation

      Become Unhookable, Disk of Nothing, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.32: Use your Disk of Nothing

      Become Unhookable, Minimize Now, startover.xyz, Possibility Management

      BUNHOOKA.33: Keep a small Now

      Keep a small Here

      BUNHOOKA.34: Keep a small Here

      Keep a small You

      BUNHOOKA.35: Keep a small You. Let the past go into the past.

      Go Nonlinear

      BUNHOOKA.36: Go Nonlinear

      Ego states

      BUNHOOKA.37: Put your point of origin in your Adult ego state.


      BUNHOOKA.38: Decontaminate your Adult ego state from your Gremlin, Child, or Parent Ego State

      Black Hole

      BUNHOOKA.39: Make black holes.

      Possibility Managers

      BUNHOOKA.40: Shift Identity to something else than your Box identity (for example: a Possibility Manager or an Archetype)

      Play offensive

      BUNHOOKA.41: Play offensive. Start a meaningful conversation. Even with strangers. Especially with strangers.

      Woman Making

      BUNHOOKA.42: Queen Making

      Man Making

      BUNHOOKA.43: King Making

      Bright Principles

      BUNHOOKA.44: Be your Bright Principles in action


      BUNHOOKA.45: Have a meta-conversation

    7. 46-65 Experiments for Being Unhookable

      We've got you top notch experiments!

      Become Gaia

      BUNHOOKA.46: Change the direction of your Grounding Cord and let Gaia inform you.

      Possibility Coaching

      BUNHOOKA.47: Ask for coaching from the person who hooked you.

      Let your Heart speak

      BUNHOOKA.48: Get out of your mind, let your Heart speak.

      Your Being

      BUNHOOKA.49: Get out of your mind - your Box -, let your Being speak.

      Rapid Learning

      BUNHOOKA.50: Thank them for hooking you. They just gave you gold.

      Shadow Principles

      BUNHOOKA.51: Be radically honest about being hooked with your Gremlin pay off.

      Self Surgery

      BUNHOOKA.52: Do brain surgery on yourself.

      Journey into the Earth

      BUNHOOKA.53: Go for a Journey into the Mountain.

      ask a Tree for its advice

      BUNHOOKA.54: Connect to a Tree and ask for its advice.

      become what's important to you

      BUNHOOKA.55: Find 3 things important for you and be one of them.

      Bag of Things

      BUNHOOKA.56: Reach into your bag of things and pull out something.

      I have a story about you

      BUNHOOKA.57: Tell them 'I have a story about you...'


      BUNHOOKA.58: Sing a tune from a Broadway Musical

      Choose a Broadway Musical

      1 True Thing

      BUNHOOKA.59: Investigate - explore what is so.

      BUNHOOKA.60: Eat Bardo Special.

      Give Yourself a Foot Massage

      BUNHOOKA.61: Take your shoes off and give yourself a foot massage.

      BUNHOOKA.62: Take one of your sock off and tell a nonlinear story.

      Possibility Stone

      BUNHOOKA.63: Use your Possibility Stone to remind yourself where now is.

      Experiential Reality

      BUNHOOKA.64: Shift from verbal reality into experiential reality.

      Negotiate Intimacy

      BUNHOOKA.65: Be radically honest about your fear of connection.

    8. 66-85 Experiments for Being Unhookable

      We've got you top notch experiments!

      Possibility Team

      BUNHOOKA.66: Ask your Team for Possibilities.

      Your Bubble of Space

      BUNHOOKA.67: Clean your Bubble of Personal Space.

      Feelings and Emotions

      BUNHOOKA.68: Distinguish between feelings and emotions.

      Complete incomplete emotions

      BUNHOOKA.69: Complete incomplete emotions (Button).

      Your Box is optional

      BUNHOOKA.70: Put your Box on the side (Box is optional).

      let your Box be hooked

      BUNHOOKA.71: Let your Box be hooked or confused and you are not.

      Recover Intimacy

      BUNHOOKA.72: Recover Intimacy

      Map of Box and Being

      BUNHOOKA.73: Ask for what you want and notice which parts of you wants it.


      BUNHOOKA.74: Have a 'do-over'.

      Archetypal Lineage Talisman

      BUNHOOKA.75: Wear your archetypal talisman as a gateway.

      Is-Glue Dissolver

      BUNHOOKA.76: Use Is-Glue Dissolver.


      BUNHOOKA.77: Use Is-Glue consciously.

      Your Gremlin

      BUNHOOKA.78: Use your Gremlin to detect other people's Gremlin

      Navigate Space

      BUNHOOKA.79: Use your Gremlin to shift space.


      BUNHOOKA.80: Pull the rug out under your certainty.

      Your mission

      BUNHOOKA.81: Check your current state of action against your life mission.


      BUNHOOKA.82: Have clarity about Fair/Unfair conversations.

      Archetypal Lineage

      BUNHOOKA.84: Be your Archetypal Lineage in action.

      Radical Responsibility

      BUNHOOKA.85: Take Radical Responsibility.

    9. 86-99 Experiments for Being Unhookable

      We've got you top notch experiments!

      Map of the Feelings Cycle

      BUNHOOKA.86: Go through all four feelings in cycle.

      Yes, and!

      BUNHOOKA.87: Accept the offer and go to the highest possibility.

      Wand of Declaration

      BUNHOOKA.88: Use your Wand of Declaration to create.

      Possibility Paintbrush

      BUNHOOKA.89: Use your Possibility Paint Brush to paint doorways.

      Gap in Identity

      BUNHOOKA.90: Use Gap in Identity (No identity)

      Gap in Time

      BUNHOOKA.91: Use Gap in Time (Timelessness)

      Gap in Space

      BUNHOOKA.92: Use Gap in Space (Nothingness)

      Gap in Knowing

      BUNHOOKA.93: Use Gap in Knowledge (Not Knowing)

      Gap in Noise

      BUNHOOKA.94: Use Gap in Noise (Silence)

      Gap in Gameworlds

      BUNHOOKA.95: Use Gap in Gameworlds (No Rules)

      Gap in Resonance Field

      BUNHOOKA.96: Use Gap in Resonance Field (Dissonance)

      Spring Screen

      BUNHOOKA.97: Use your Spring Screen to clean the space

      Nothing or Everything

      BUNHOOKA.98: Be Nothing or Everything.


    10. Bonus SPARK Experiments

      (SPARK161.00) SPARK 161 - When you lose the empty space of silence in yourself you are already hooked.


      SPARK161.01 Stop filling your inner silent space with random noise, such as whistling, humming to yourself, talking to yourself, inner arguments with others, disavowing unexpressed feelings, justifying your actions or inactions, or bouncing your attention from shiny object to colorful object to loud object back to shiny object, all the while listening to the endless stream of judgments, criticisms, comparisons, excitements and worries from your mind. It is almost impossible to stop the space-filling because it automatically starts up again so quickly. So instead, focus on doing something different, for example, enjoying the experience of getting to stretch out your being in the warm evolutionary bath of inner silence.


      SPARK161.02 Remember your inner space of silence each time you start a new conversation, such as when the phone rings, when you greet someone at the café, each time you say “Hello” to someone, each time you begin a meeting, or each time you interact with a cashier. Use the beginning of the encounter as a trigger for relocating to your inner space of silence. Split your attention and keep 10% on the experience of stretching out your being luxuriously into your inner silence while the rest of your attention interacts with the others.


      SPARK161.03 Each time you detect yourself being internally or externally hooked immediately make a concise yet richly descriptive note in your Beep! Book about what just triggered your reaction and what you thought, said, felt and did. At first your list may grow impossibly long and complex as your underworld reveals its true dimensions. Let it be so. Becoming aware of what you were not already aware of is a natural procedure. It may even be what you came here for. Trying to ignore what you have been for so long in denial about does not make your underworld go away. Instead make it a practice to welcome disillusionment. Doggedly extend your Beep! Book list and bring it with you to your next Possibility Lab. Then sit in the Possibility Chair and use each incident as a gateway to an evolutionary process. You may be surprised by how momentous the seemingly little things turn out to be. This is the fastest way to build matrix that I have ever discovered.

      (SPARK010.00) SPARK 10 - Between the outer world (sights, sounds, physical sensations, smells, experiences, relationships, external conversations, etc.), and the inner world (concepts, memories, reactions, images, internal conversations, etc.), there exists a thin space of freedom called the gap.


      SPARK010.01 Accept an invitation to an informal dinner party where people are relaxed and interacting in a friendly social atmosphere. Select 5 minutes in the middle of the party. During these 5 minutes neither smile nor laugh, no matter what is said or what happens. If you can avoid the impulse to laugh you may be in the gap.


      SPARK010.02 Go to a romantic or adventure movie at the cinema. Sit two thirds of the way back from the screen in the center of the row. For the whole movie do not look at the screen. Only look at the other people who are in the
      theater. If you can avoid “snapping into” the space of the story in the movie and never forget that you are at a movie theater you may be in the gap.


      SPARK010.03 Spend a day at an industrial trade show fair. Walk up to booth after booth. No matter what the sales representative says to you, you say nothing at all in return. Make no faces, use no gestures, and offer no explanation. Stay completely relaxed and alert, looking at whatever interests you at the booth. After a while leave without warning and go to the next booth. If you can avoid the automatic reflex of speaking when spoken to you may be in
      the gap.